About us

We are not so big Polish software house and it suits us very well :)
We have been operating on the market continuously since 1997, creating and delivering software for business both in Poland and abroad.
We have been an IBM Business Partner since 1999. From 2019, we are also a partner of HCL.

We do not have each year increasing sales "targets", although of course we have costs that we have to earn.
We do not have a "HQ" from which commands come. But we don't get financing either :(
We have been working on our brand from the beginning and we think in the horizon for many many years.
We rarely run many projects at the same time. Sometimes we choose what we would like to work on...

The quality of our services, commitment and flexibility means that we can boast of many years (sometimes even over twenty years!) relationships with our customers.

What interesting can we do for YOU?