Data analysis and processing

In 2021, we included services related to data processing in our offer. We have noticed that there is a shortage of specialists on the market who would organize, "clean" or classify data, the amount of which is growing at an unprecedented pace. We have created a data processing and analysis department, which deals with the use of advanced mathematical methods in data processing and analysis. We also use mathematics in software development. An example may be the development of an algorithm for comparing strings of characters (alternatively, we are talking about tens of thousands of "standard" queries to the database), which we have implemented in a very large system of electronic document circulation.


In the field of data processing, we offer services that enable or facilitate their further analysis:

  • data cleaning (removing duplicates, eliminating erroneous data)
  • data standardization (formatting, ordering, classification)
  • supplementing data (e.g. classification of companies according to NACE, assigning to a specific territory, etc.)
  • entering data into the client's systems
  • development of data import / export mechanisms
  • verification according to established criteria


In the area of ​​data analysis, we offer:

  • preparing reports based on data (we have experience with SAP CS, SAP CRM, BW and others, among others)
  • identification of non-obvious relationships between data
  • identification of potential market opportunities based on data
  • introducing machine learning mechanisms