Our history of


Machine learning in computer vision


We created a model from scratch that allows you to identify and convert to text data from a device nameplate picture (boiler, heat pump, air conditioner, etc.). In the project, we used advanced algorithms for identification ("detection") and text recognition ("text recognition") based on artificial intelligence.

Mobile apps and node.js


On the example of the nabazar.pl website, we have completed the project of integrating mobile applications with the system developed in the node.js technology.

Service management system


We have implemented a solution supporting the work of service in an international corporation. The system developed in the node.js technology.

Node.js in Domino aplications


We have developed an application for IBM Domino v 10 with an interface in the node.js technology

Digital documentation repository


We have implemented an electronic documentation repository for several hundred users, equipped with an OCR on demand module (integration with FineReader software)

The qualified electronic signature


We have implemented the qualified electronic signature service functionality in the document flow system for a large organization

ePUAP integration


We have integrated a large document flow system (tens of thousands users) with the ePUAP2 system

Regulations management system


We have completed the implementation in a large organization (several thousand users) of the system (J2EE) supporting internal regulations management, integrated, among others, with Alfresco software and using webservices.

Terminals for electric vehicles


We have developed a native application for Android tablets (interactive ordering points) designed for self-ordering of transport services by electric vehicles.

Hybrid application


We have launched a commercial web application in a hybrid architecture. The user interface was located on the IBM Bluemix platform (currently IBM Cloud), and the data on the client's server.

Organization knowledge map


We have introduced to sale a system for knowledge resarch in the organization enabling the analysis of strengths and weaknesses on the basis of a knowledge map built from knowledge markers according to our algorithms.

Data from sensors in Domino


As the first in Poland, we have developed an application for IBM Domino, collecting data from IoT devices (sensors) sent via a service operating on the IBM Bluemix platform.



As the first in Poland, we have developed an application for IBM Connections using gamification mechanisms to evaluate organizationsl knowledge.

Data agregator


We have developed a unique solution for aggregating data from different views of different IBM Domino databases in one view (summary). Filtering, sorting, and paging were supported. This mechanism was used in the documents flow, using by tens of thousands users.

IBM Connections customization


We have developed and implemented an innovative homepage in IBM Connections, replacing the default offered by IBM. In our concept, apart from the content of the channels selected by the user (personalized content), the user also receives information from channels defined by the administrator (mandatory content).

IBM Connections


We have completed the largest implementation of the IBM Connections system (social software for companies) in Poland so far.

Digital signature


We have launched a unique application in IBM Domino that uses HTML 5 elements to save the user's signature and convert it to a PDF document.

The chatbot


We were the first in Poland to develop and commercially implement a chatbot in IBM Sametime. We used it to quickly check product prices and provide contact information from the CRM system.

Data visualization tool


We have developed an application for data visualization on the map of Poland using IBM Domino integrated with Macromedia Flash technology (today Adobe Flash). The application allows to present and analyze data in different territorial units like districts and voivodeships.

Sales oppts information system


We have implemented a unique system for the automatic aggregation of data about market opportunities from multiple sources and in various formats. Each opportunity processed by the system was automatically filtered and classified and assigned to the appropriate person according to the territorial division.

Visual Process Editor


We have launched impACT GEP (Graphical Process Editor) - a Java application for design electronic document workflows in Lotus Domino. Used by our impACT Procesor workflow system customers.

GPRS and Lotus Domino


We have developed a technology for authorized access (downloading and saving data) to Lotus Domino databases via a mobile phone and GPRS (also with off-line access). We used this mechanism in the system of monitoring the minimum levels in the Polish branch of an international concern. Users used the Motorola Accompli 008 phone.



First in Poland implementation of Domino Off-line Services (DOLS) in Lotus Domino application (order processing system).

XML in Lotus Notes


As the first company in Poland, we have commercially used XML in an application operating in Lotus Notes environment.

Internet auctions system


We launched the first commercial internet auction site in Poland, where brand new products were sold. The website operated under the name WWW.SPRZEDANE.PL (now the domain is no longer our property) and was implemented entirely in Lotus Domino technology.

NSTL Poland and year 2000


As NSTL Poland (under an agreement with National Software Testing Laboratories / USA) we have provided the largest organizations in Poland a system for testing PCs in terms of compliance with the year 2000.