European Union agrees on Artificial Intelligence Act

The EU intends (as the first in the world) to regulate issues related to the use of "artificial intelligence". Once a preliminary agreement is reached, it is estimated that the issue will be considered by the Parliament and the European Commission at the beginning of 2024, but the entry into force of the relevant regulations can reportedly be expected in 2025 at the earliest.
The industry's opinion on the project is rather divided. Attention is drawn to the high costs associated with adapting especially the so-called high risk systems to the above-mentioned regulations, which may hinder the operation of smaller companies. On the other hand, it explicitly mentions which uses of AI are prohibited. For example, Article 5 1. a) prohibits the following:
'(a) the placing on the market, putting into service or use of an AI system that deploys subliminal techniques beyond a person’s consciousness with the objective to or the effect of materially distorting a person’s behaviour in a manner that causes or is reasonably likely to cause that person or another person physical or psychological harm; "
Proposal for rules on artificial intelligence you can find here.