Domino version 12

Domino version 12 is coming! We expect it on sale in June. Customers have been able to test the beta version for several months. A pleasant surprise is the availability of the Polish language version at the start.
What can we expect?
The user interface will definitely change. The Notes client will gain, among others: a new, improved workspace, Mac M1 compatibility, 64 Bit Basic Client, improved HTML rendering in Email
In Domino 12 we expect: Active Directory Password syncing, adding Verse to Domino installer, back up Solution, Domino on Docker and support for multiple platforms, including: RHEL, RedHat UBI, CentOS, SUSE, AstraLinux and others.
12 version is designed to provide backup compatibility and easier security deployment. HCL makes sure Domino can run on any cloud - for example AWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, or Azure - or through one of HCL's hosting partners. New integrations include connecting to Microsoft Teams with web-enabled HCL Domino apps, as well as joining HCL Sametime meetings on mobile using a simple QR code.
We are waiting impatiently! More here: HCL Domino v12