Service and maintenance services management system

The main idea of ​​our application is the maximum improvement of the service work both on the part of the service technicians and the headquarters managing them.
The system enables full service of service requests, from entering the request to the service protocol. It also provides full control of service activities, central access to all documents related to service activities, and access to information related to a given request, such as the status of the request (accepted, in progress, completed, etc.), type (e.g. warranty, post-warranty repair , overview, etc.).
The application also stores data from service contracts, service protocols and information about devices and their location, which allows you to easily obtain all the necessary data. It is a real mine of knowledge, thanks to which you can view statistics, reports, statuses and diagnose possible weak points at any time.
Easy allocation of tickets, setting priorities and generating tasks for individual people allows you to maintain control and high efficiency of service technicians.
Communication between the coordinator and the service technician also takes place via the application, which eliminates the cumbersome sending of e-mails and eliminates the information mess.
Thanks to the electronic form, all forms (e.g. protocols) appear in the database immediately after being filled in, and interested persons can work on them immediately (e.g. settle a service visit), which greatly speeds up work, especially with an extensive and extensive service network.
A modern and ergonomic user interface, operation via a browser and mobile devices, and 24/7/365 availability make the application perfect for work both in the field and at stationary points, being a complete solution for the service. Additionally, the system is completed with a mobile application for service partners .